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Your home or business is more than just a place; it’s an expression of your style, creativity, and personality. If you’re in Highland Village, Texas, and looking to breathe new life into your space, look no further than Painters of Denton. We are your local experts in turning ordinary walls into stunning masterpieces. Here’s why you should choose us for all your painting needs:

1. Expert Craftsmanship: Our team of skilled painters brings years of experience and expertise to every project. Whether it’s a residential interior, commercial exterior, or anything in between, we have the skills to deliver remarkable results.

2. Versatile Services: At Painters of Denton, we offer a wide range of painting services to meet your unique needs. From interior and exterior painting to cabinet refinishing and deck staining, we’ve got your painting requirements covered.

3. Premium Quality Materials: We believe that quality starts with the right materials. That’s why we use only the finest paints and finishes to ensure a lasting and beautiful result. Your satisfaction is our priority.

4. Timely Completion: We respect your time and understand the importance of project deadlines. Rest assured, we complete our projects on-time without compromising on quality.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness is our success. We go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction with every stroke of our brushes.

Join the satisfied customers who have trusted Painters of Denton with their painting needs. Your space will become a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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We provide our expert services in Highland Village and many other cities including: Hickory Creek, Lake Dallas, Copper Canyon, Double Oak, Lewisville, Corinth, Lantana, Bartonville, Shady Shores, Flower Mound.

Painters of Highland Village

Painting isn’t just about color; it’s about transforming your environment, creating a mood, and adding personality to your space. At Painters of Denton, we understand the power of paint, and we’re here to provide you with a range of top-notch painting services that will breathe new life into your home or business. Here’s a glimpse of the comprehensive services we offer:

1. Residential Painting: Your home is your sanctuary, and we take pride in helping you make it even more special. Our residential painting services cover everything from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Whether you’re looking for a fresh coat of paint or a complete color overhaul, we’ve got you covered.

2. Commercial Painting: First impressions matter in business, and the appearance of your workspace can significantly impact your clients and employees. Our commercial painting services are tailored to create inviting and professional environments that leave a lasting impression. From offices to retail spaces, we transform commercial properties with precision and style.

3. Cabinet Refinishing: Tired of your outdated kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Instead of replacing them, consider our cabinet refinishing services. We can revitalize your cabinets with a fresh, modern look, saving you time and money compared to a full replacement.

4. Exterior Painting: Protect and enhance your property’s curb appeal with our expert exterior painting services. We specialize in weather-resistant paints and finishes that can withstand the elements while adding beauty and value to your home or business.

5. Deck/Fence Staining: Your outdoor spaces deserve as much attention as the indoors. Our deck staining services help preserve the beauty and longevity of your deck, ensuring it remains a welcoming and functional part of your property.

At Painters of Denton, our mission is to transform your vision into reality. We achieve this through a combination of expert craftsmanship, premium quality materials, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Your space deserves the best, and we’re committed to delivering outstanding results that stand the test of time.

Ready to revitalize your home or business with a fresh coat of paint? Contact Painters of Denton today for a free consultation and estimate. Let’s embark on a journey to enhance your space and bring your ideas to life. Your vision is our canvas, and we can’t wait to make it a masterpiece.

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Painters of Denton have been your trusted painters for Highland Village and surrounding cities for over 12 years. We strive to give you top notch service so you will use us and recommend us to all your friends and family. Our goal is to be the top painting company in Denton!

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Choose Painters of Denton, where every stroke of our brush is a stroke of genius. We are skilled in all types of paint jobs and are confident we can help you with any needs you have. Contact us now to get your free estimate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a painter charge in Texas?

The cost of hiring a painter in Texas can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location within Texas, the scope of the project, the type of paint used, and the level of expertise of the painter. Interior painting prices usually range from $1.5 to $4.5 per square foot. To get a rough estimate, multiply the square footage of your home by the price per square foot.

Is it worth painting inside of house before selling?

Painting the interior of your house before selling requires an upfront cost, it can pay off by making your home more appealing to buyers, potentially leading to a faster sale and a higher selling price. Consulting with a real estate professional and choosing the right paint colors can help ensure that your investment yields positive results.

What is the best color to paint a house to sell?

When choosing a paint color to sell your house, it’s generally best to opt for neutral, timeless, and universally appealing colors. Neutral colors create a clean, fresh canvas that allows potential buyers to envision their own furnishings and personal style in the space.

Can you stay in the house while painting?

You can generally stay in your house while it’s being painted. In some cases, particularly for extensive painting projects or if you’re sensitive to paint odors, you might choose to stay elsewhere temporarily, such as with family or friends, in a hotel, or in a part of the house that is not being painted. Ultimately, whether you stay in the house during painting depends on your comfort level, the scope of the project, and your ability to manage the situation while ensuring safety and well-being. Communicating with your painter and taking necessary precautions will help ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.

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